Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photoshoot with the talented Cath Leo

I never thought my dolls would look so cute! Cath's ability to capture every doll's personality was a pleasure to witness. Several pictures to follow have been taken by Cath and myself... don't be concerned if you find it difficult to differientate between the two! However, just incase you are confused, mine are the out of focus, over exposed, fuzzy ones!!!
Classic quote from Cath, they are easy to photograph... they don't move!

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  1. Hey Lysia, it's funny to see me 'in action', I don't often! Glad you liked the pics, your dolls just radiate personality, they were a pleasure to work with :)
    If anyone wants to see the photographer's version of events (not much different to yours!) then check out www.cathleo.com.au/handmade