Tuesday, April 27, 2010

snug as a bug in a woollen collar!?

My latest purchase... a stunning collar from Klei
I bough an emerald green/turquoise colour which will look stunning with all of the grey and black I wear in winter. Can't wait for it to get really cold now so I can wear it!

PS I finally remembered to upload image first!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Made It!!!

After several intensive hours of tutoring by the gorgeous Kelly Kitching from Little Boombalada (hyperlink tutorial accomplished- tick!) I have finally Made It! Not only on the Made It website, but also in the land of Face book. I have been a tad reluctant to embrace the phenomena that the rest of the world is giddy over... but I can now safely say, I have turned the corner. My very lame Face book fan page, Sassilu Adelaide, is up and running and it was very sweet of all of my loyal friends to hit the 'like' button... although there are a couple of you out there.... I am still waiting!!! kidding.

On a very different note, I bought a gorgeous woollen beanie from Nature's Cradle for my niece. The country air will never give you another earache babe!!! Ok, clearly I forgot the section on add picture first if you want it at the bottom of the blog... I will get there Kelly, I promise!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My ideal heaven...

My favourite blog, the purl bee, and its corresponding shop in New York have moved to a new location. The Purl Soho has to be any crafter's idea of heaven and the opportunity for cross-craft projects are endless! Cross-craft meaning an embroidered sewn dress, or a scarf with crocheted flowers on it... not in the respect of craft being in a bad mood!!!
I would do anything to be able to attend the Customer Appreciation Day, just imagine what their goodies bags would contain!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ST Peter's Fair

Holly Auld from the Nanny Webb and Lysia. Holly chatted with several desperate mums and dads in need of a decent nanny/babysitter!

Mat and Holly dollies with crowns

Holly Pirate dolly

Well, Kelly Kitching from Little Boombalada would be very proud of me... not only have I a) taken some pics at the fair today b) uploaded them, but c) I am actually posting them on the same day!!! unheard of for me. I promise I will in time become more savvy with all of the different portals out there. (Kell are you free for tutorials on a daily basis!?)
Anyway, today was loads of fun meeting new customers, chatting with the bubbas, and explaining two new fabric ranges that I am currently using. The gorgeous Sproutdesign fabric, which is based in Croydon, was a huge hit with many customers. Not only is the fabric funky and vibrant, but local as well. Always a good thing. I have also started making organic cotton toys from Cloth fabrics,and bamboo twill toys from Hempco. Unfortunately, both of those are interstate, but at least the stockist for Cloth Fabric is local.

The other exciting piece of info is that I have started a new range of dolls... the Holly Dollies. The doll is based on a pattern from Bit of Whimsy, however I have modified it (they can now sit down! and tinkered with the facial features etc. The other new editions are a lion and a bumble bee.